We have wide range of comprehensive products for roofing tailor made for Goan climatic conditions. Roofing Tiles comes in Clay, Concrete, imported Tiles and Shingles. We also offer all Roofing components and solutions including abutments, heat protection, radiant barriers, waterproofing, ridges and hips, roof ventilation, rain water gutters, valley watertighness, natural light, tiles fixing, aesthetic mortar and roofing accessories. Our Roof tiles are Weatherproof and attractive finish with deep interlocks



We provide wide range of flooring building material for homes, offices, outdoor space or any commercial building. Whether it is indoor, outdoor or sports flooring we have it all.



Make any space look beautiful and attractive with premium Wall Cladding Solutions which includes Veneers, Laminates, Brick Cladding, Tile Cladding, Stone Cladding, Glass Mosaic, Wall gardens or Wallpapers. These products are easy and long lasting solution to decorate your indoor or outdoor walls and accentuate any space.

We help you add an element of finesse and warmth to all types of living spaces with an array of imported, unique, and high-grade décor that are designed to make any living space come alive.



At Finishing Touch, you have the broadest range of textures, sizes, and shapes of a false ceiling with key performance features to enhance the design of any space. Our false ceilings performance provide a broad range of solutions for all acoustical need from high sound absorption to high sound attenuation or a balance of both.



We provide Acoustics products and installation for residential and commercial buildings. Acoustic insulation is used to soundproof walls for high levels of soundproofing.

Incorporate inside stud walls and acoustic false walls for party wall soundproofing. Combining DFM with acoustic panels offers the highest levels of sound insulation for walls. We have the complete wall soundproofing kits that combine the best combinations of products to soundproof any wall or given space.



Complete your room or any commercial space with the timeless style of blinds. We have wooden, metallic and fabric blinds to choose from.



We have a wide range of integrated lighting products with an aesthetic and proportionate solution for your home, office, garden, commercial, warehouse, street, signage and pedestrian lighting applications. .

Whether you are lighting a commercial development or revitalizing a downtown main street, Finishing Touch provides a complete range of lighting solution



We have wide variety of products for home and office for drainage solutions, kitchen and bathroom fixtures. These premium products are high in quality and durable. If you looking at drainage setup for restaurant kitchens, commercial buildings or home bathroom fixtures we have it all.

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