Grease Separator

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Commercial kitchens are challenging working environments and regardless of whether you operate a sizeable school or hotel kitchen or are the owner manager of a small catering establishment, FOG can have major impact on your business.


FOG is the abbreviation for the fats, oils and grease which are found in the wastewater produced by kitchens. FOG comprises fats, oil, grease created by food debris, fats and oils used in the cooking process, and the washing of food equipment, utensils and crockery. All kitchens produce wastewater which contains fats,oils and greases (FOG) as well as food debris.

Our grease separators are specifically designed to help prevent the build-up of FOG in kitchen drainage and ultimately avoid a fatberg in the main sewer network. We provide Grease Management for kitchen in Goa.Help Goa's water get cleaner by making a small Change in your kitchen.Save time and costs with our wide portfolio of grease separators, grease traps and grease interceptors for kitchens of all sizes.


  • Space-saving design
  • Proven stability 50 years

Installing a grease trap or separator will help:

  • Keep your business running smoothly and avoid losing income due to kitchen closure while the drains are blocked.
  • By preventing internal drain blockages and so avoiding the cost and management time in organizing jet washing of internal drains is greatly reduced.
  • Avoid odors from your restaurant due to blocked drains that might lead to visits from Environmental Health Services.
  • Safer environment for your staff, your food and your customer.
  • Minimize the possibility of food contamination.
  • Compliance with legal regulations. Certified technology that meets the requirements of EN 1825 and DIN 4040-100
  • Minimize the ecological trace of your establishment.
  • Peace of mind. Our products are durable, reliable and easy to maintain.

Choose the right water treatment solution for your kitchen

free standing grease installation


Free-standing grease separators which are installed above the ground are easy to access and easy to maintain. Moreover, mobile operations are available, mainly used as a pre-separator for large scaled projects.

grease separator for undeground installation


Underground grease separators are mainly used for space constraint reasons and are generally installed outside the building. The covers are designed for load class A15 to D400 and the body is made of polyethylene.

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