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At Finishing Touch we have a wide range of outdoor lighting options for you to choose from. We source the best and exclusive products for Landscape Lighting, Building Façades Lighting, Decorative Lighting, Street Lighting, Industrial Lighting and many more.


Finishing Touch offers professional landscape lighting solutions for outdoor lighting, LED Bollard light is suitable for landscape lighting comes with long service life and requires zero maintenance with Eco green lighting solution.

Walkway Lighting

Properly lit pathways make it easier to navigate around our homes after dark – and provide us with welcoming, guiding light when we return to them. This guide introduces you to the outdoor lighting options for different types of paths.

Landscape Lighting

Why let the setting of the sun put a stop to your enjoyment of this outdoor oasis of wellbeing? From now on, dark gardens are a thing of the past. The right choice of outdoor lighting, from solar garden lights to LED outdoor lighting, can lend a comfortable ambience to your garden and allow you to enjoy the pleasant summer temperatures until late into the night, exclusively available at Finishing Touch.

Decorative Outdoor Lighting

Uplighting fixtures are installed on the ground pointing upward to wash over featured architecture, palm trees and signage. They can be as simple as one fixture or as elaborate as several fixtures with colored gels. With LED systems you can even use a controller to change colors in sequence to music and brighten or dim as you choose.

Sports Stadium Lighting

Lighting effects how sporters and fans feel in your sports venue. A welcoming ambience and clear visibility will enhance their experience and performance and keep fans coming back.

Street Lights segment

Large collection of decorative outdoor LED and HID lighting products, including post top and pendant light fixtures, decorative posts, arms and accessories are available at Finishing Touch. The complexities of transportation infrastructure mean varying types of illumination are needed to ensure traffic flows smoothly, people feel safe, and cities save on costs. Smart LED street lighting is a cost-effective and sustainable choice for cities today – and into the future. LED street lighting systems are smart and versatile, so you can manage, maintain, and monitor the entire system simply and efficiently.

Exclusive Supplier of Philips Commercial Lighting in Goa:

Finishing Touch is the exclusive supplier for Philips commercial lighting in Goa. We have a wide range of options for every project whether it is for Building Façade Lighting, Mall Interiors, Places of Worship lighting, Monumental Lighting, Fountain Lighting, Casino Lighting, Hospitality Lighting, Public Ways Lighting, Theaters, Stadiums Lighting, Bridges Lighting, Government buildings and Health Care Lighting.

We take a comprehensive approach to LED lighting, one that goes beyond luminaires to encompass all key areas of LED technology, and that ensures that lighting professionals get the best possible results – every project, year after year. Here you’ll find an overview of the key LED-related technologies that we’ve pioneered and perfected, and that are helping lighting professionals succeed with a wide range of LED lighting implementations. Learn more by reading the full technology overviews.

Outdoor Lighting

An increasing number of the world’s leading cities are forging a unique identity by lighting important landmarks and hotels to create inspiring visual experiences. When combined with remote programming and management, innovative LED lighting can be quickly adjusted to transform your property’s appearance.

Indoor Lighting

No longer just a place to shop, the mall has become a gathering place, a destination, an entertainment venue, and even a place to spend the night. To deliver a memorable retail experience, the environment you create should be welcoming and engaging – and the right light is essential. From a façade that draws visitors in, to well-lit public areas and easy navigation, Philips LED lighting delivers a cost-effective, sustainable solution that has a positive impact on both visitors and employees alike.

Architectural Lighting

Create memories with architectural lighting. Have your citizens and visitors take away a lasting impression of your city, by enhancing your structures and heritage in an exciting and inspirational way. Watch your city become a more vibrant and attractive destination for business and pleasure.

  • Improve city ambience with dynamic architectural lighting

  • Spotlight important city landmarks with versatile LED lighting

  • Engage citizens and tourists with unique visual experiences

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