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We provide Acoustics products and installation for residential and commercial buildings. Acoustic insulation is used to soundproof walls for high levels of soundproofing. Incorporate inside stud walls and acoustic false walls for party wall soundproofing. Combining DFM with acoustic panels offers the highest levels of sound insulation for walls. We have the complete wall soundproofing kits that combine the best combinations of products to soundproof any wall or given space.

Gypsum acosutics solution


Our Gypsum false ceiling comes with a plasterboard that is a standard gypsum board consisting of an aerated gypsum core encased in and firmly bonded to, strong paper liners. Suitable for use in most system applications where normal fire, structural and acoustic levels are specified.

calcium silicate solution


Calcium silicate patterned tiles is a novel innovation in the world of interiors and exhibits for Commercial space. These tiles impart an exquisite appearance to the building interiors along with functional benefit of noise reduction.

rockwool acoustic insulation


ROCKWOOL's insulation is the perfect choice for non-heated spaces like garages or cellars in commercial and residential buildings from shopping malls, offices, concert halls to restaurants, hotels or small houses. Suitable for refurbished or new buildings ROCKWOOL has a high performing and cost-effective insulation product that will last for the life of the building.

metal acoustic solutions


At Finishing touch you will find the broadest range of metal ceiling solutions in curves, clouds, baffles, panels, and planks in standard, custom, or one-of-a-kind looks to meet both your design and functional needs. Along with design flexibility and durability, metal ceilings deliver strong acoustic performance.

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